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Book by B.C. researcher says media, police not talking straight on pot

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For the book, titled “Killer Weed: Marijuana Grow Ops, Media, and Justice,” Boyd examined 2,500 articles from four major daily newspapers in British Columbia from 1995 to 2009.

She found news coverage about cannabis enforcement in B.C. frequently contained inaccurate information or exaggerated claims about the size and scope of the underground marijuana industry, the sorts of people associated with grow-ops, and the industry’s connection to gangs.

Assertions by police – particularly the RCMP, which is responsible for policing in much of B.C. — were left unchallenged, she says, and politicians, in turn, relied on such misinformation to push for stricter drug laws.

For example, the news articles she examined repeatedly asserted marijuana grow-ops are inextricable linked to gangs and other criminal organizations. Police spokespeople were frequently quoted explaining that modern-day grow-ops are not “mom and pop” operations.

But Boyd says the federal government’s own research does not support that claim.

She cited a Justice Department study that was completed in 2011, obtained by a reporter through an access to information request, that examined a random sample of 500 marijuana grow operations. Of those, just five per cent had apparent links to gangs or organized crime.

“This study wasn’t released by our federal government, and you could see why,” says Boyd.

“It doesn’t fit with their Safe Streets and Communities Act, which frames marijuana grow-ops as always being associated with organized crime and gangs. I would say it’s probably the reverse.”


By The Canadian Press — CP — Dec 25 2013


Who’s afraid of the big, bad weed? Canada

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Marijuana production “is a $7-billion-a-year industry in B.C. that’s currently in the hands of criminals. That’s not a sensible approach to drug policy.”
Who’s afraid of the big, bad weed? We are, apparently. Forty-one years after the Le Dain commission recommended decriminalization in Canada (and a commission appointed by that noted hedonist Richard Nixon came to the same conclusion in the U.S.), our thinking about the management of pot has actually regressed. It’s like we’re trapped in a time machine where the only in-flight movie is Reefer Madness.

Sensible B.C. among causes supported by lottery millionaire

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Erb has bought a majority stake in Deviant Fibres, a hemp goods store in Terrace.

He’s also developing an online merchandise operation. He plans to donate 30 per cent of sales from that venture to those he sees as victims of Canada’s pot laws.

Marijuana, according to Erb, leaves him in a state of enhanced mindfulness.

“People have asked what it does for me,” he says. ”It makes whatever I’m doing more enjoyable.

Extraordinary Beckley Report Hundreds of Millions in Revenue to be Gained from Regulation of Cannabis Market

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Commissioned by the Beckley Foundation and carried out by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex UK
New Beckley Report

Extraordinary Beckley Report Hundreds of Millions in Revenue to be Gained from Regulation of Cannabis Market in England and Wales New Report from The Beckley Foundation Quantifies Cost-Benefit of Cannabis

“In these times of economic crisis, it is essential to examine the possibilities of more cost-effective drug policy.”

”Our present prohibitionist policies have proved to be a failure.”

“Cannabis comprises 80% of all illicit drugs consumed worldwide.”

“If we are to protect the young, surely governments can do a much better job than the cartels.”

Amanda Feilding
Director of the Beckley Foundation

Second Erb4Herb Legalize It Conference

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Second Bob Erb 4 Herb Legalize It! conference for 2013 in Terrace BC, Aug. 30 to Sept. 2, 2013

Once again in 2013 drug policy reform activists / advocates gathered together as Bob Erb’s guests to discuss plans for continuing drug policy reform efforts and Erb4Herb national 420 events in Canada.

This was the second time NORML Canada, NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada, Calgary 420 and Sensible BC along with first time attendees Canadian Drug Policy Coalition-Transforming Drug Policy and Skunk Magazine attended the second Erb4Herb legalize conference in beautiful Terrace and Thornhill B.C. Both Erb4Herb legalize conferences were also attended by long time friends of Bob Erb.

Bob Erb once again wrote generous cheques to the organizations attending as his guests to be used for drug policy reform efforts in Canada.

Bob Erb, Dana Larsen, Rielle Capler, John Vergados, Kelly Coulter, Brian Taylor, Sita von Windheim, Urban Grower, John Conroy, Debbie Fagin, Keith Fagin, Debbie Stultz-Giffin, Zachary Canuel and more.

Second Erb4Herb Legalize conference group picture

Liberal Party of Canada – Legalize!

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By now you should of heard the Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau speak out publicly in favour of ending decades of criminal prohibition of cannabis.

Join the Liberal Party’s call for an end to marijuana prohibition.

The status quo isn’t working. It’s time to regulate and legalize marijuana. Sign the petition if you agree.

Marijuana prohibition is costly and unsafe. That’s why the Liberal Party supports legalizing and regulating marijuana.

Stephen Harper keeps fighting a failed war on drugs that has resulted in more than 475,000 Canadians being arrested on marijuana-related charges.

And while gangsters and thugs get rich dealing marijuana, prohibition has cost Canadian taxpayers more than $500 million (est.) since 2006.

Liberals believe in a smart on crime approach, targeting real criminals instead of ordinary Canadians.

Scientific evidence and history have proven beyond any doubt prohibition is far more harmful to our own communities then a responsible adult growing and consuming a cannabis plant has ever been or ever could be. There are many quality drug policy studies over the last eleven decades now that have concluded cannabis prohibition is costly, unsafe. Prohibition has never has come close to prohibition supporters claimed desired results of a drug free society at any cost including millions of people being killed to date.

Although there have been drug policy studies around the world including in Canada released since the holy grail for cannabis drug policy in Canada was release on September 4, 2002.
Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, entitled: “Cannabis: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy”

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are now being responsible rational adults. We all to need to do the same even if we don’t like that type of drug policy change. Science, evidence and even history have proven change will be all so much better for all out communities for a large host of reasons.

Best case for 2015 would be to copy the beer and wine regulations. Produce your own and share with friends and family. Also allows for micro grows to large corporations. Micro breweries and wineries have been able to secure a profitable piece of the market. No reason cannabis can’t do the same if not better. Also the vast amount of research that this encourage would be incredible to say the least.

As for the very destructive drug alcohol, prohibition only provided violent crime organization to become very powerful and unstoppable. Our governments should be ending alcohol advertising with the strong messaging, consume our products and you will be popular with the pretty people crowd and of course enjoy yourself all so much more

Why it’s time to legalize marijuana

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After decades of wasted resources, clogged courtrooms and a shift in public perception, let’s end the war on weed

Sometime this year, if it hasn’t happened already, the millionth Canadian will be arrested for marijuana possession, Dana Larsen estimates. The indefatigable B.C.-based activist for pot legalization is thinking of marking the occasion with a special ceremony. True, it will be impossible to know exactly who the millionth person is, but with the Conservative government’s amped-up war on drugs, it won’t be hard to find a nominee. As Larsen notes, the war on drugs in Canada is mostly a war on marijuana, “and most of that is a war on marijuana users.”

New Report : Canada’s Drug Laws Failing, Coalition Calls For Sweeping Reform

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Thursday May 23, 2013 – Canadian Drug Policy Coalition –

Last week, we released our first report on the state of Canadian drug policy. Entitled “Getting to Tomorrow: A Report on Canadian Drug Policy”, it examines the overwhelming failure of Canada’s drug laws and provides recommendations on how we can improve the health and safety of Canadians when it comes to drugs. Please download it, read it and share it.

At the beginning of the report you will find the recommendations we have made, which include the regulation of cannabis, the decriminalization of other drugs, the scaling-up of harm reduction services, and the expansion of overdose prevention strategies, among others.

In the coming year we will be working hard to advocate and promote these recommendations. If you would like to help make this happen, please consider making a donation to CDPC. It will be greatly appreciated and your support makes our work possible.

One of our supporters has agreed to match all donations up to $5,000 over the coming months, so please consider making a tax-refundable donation to CDPC on our SFU secure donations page.

Download Report Here

The report release received ample coverage from the Canadian media, which included articles in major newspapers across the country, network television news segments and countless radio interviews. Overall, the response was positive and productive.

Read about it here:

Calgary Herald: Report calls for decriminalizing both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ drugs

National Post: Canadian Drug Policy Coalition recommends decriminalizing hard drugs

CBC Radio: Decriminalizing Drugs

The Province: Harper government to stay tough on drugs

420 Terrace BC celebrations

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It was a spectacular day in many ways. The weather was perfect as were the people. A full 300 gathered together to demonstrate their collective disapproval of the prohibition laws against hemp; a medically and socially beneficial product.

Bob Erb, the local Terrace man who won $25 million dollars determined to make this happen. Erb ran as a candidate for mayor of Terrace many years ago and has been a long time advocate for the legalization of marihuana. He has always been a vocal and written supporter of the freedom and collective rights of the common man. Immediately after he collected his winnings he began a campaign to put legalization of the green weed on the public and political agenda.

April 20, more broadly known in the cannabis community as 4-20, is a world wide day for the public to gather and show their disapproval of the idiotic law against the possession, growing and smoking of the Herb. Bob Erb, more broadly known as Erb 4 Herb decided to make 2013 the first year for this celebration to happen in Terrace.

Many speak out against the use of the plant but Bob Erb is a model citizen and a smoker of the substance for his entire adult life, from dawn to dusk. His thinking is clear and without any signs of impairment. In fact he is able to function at a higher level consistently than most people who are stone cold sober. Articulate, organized and focused are words which describe Bob Erb. Socially progressive is another one of his fine attributes.

Bob Erb has donated to hundreds of causes in Terrace and the region. More to his socially progressive thinking, when he sees someone who is not smiling he tries to determine why. He always begins with a compliment. In one encounter we watched him state, “You are such a beautiful woman why are you hiding your smile?” When he discovered her teeth were an issue he immediately went to the Dentist and started an account to have her teeth fixed.

Dr. Neninger has confirmed how Bob Erb has filed many community members into his office.

Thank you Bob Erb for everything you have done for the people of Terrace and the surrounding area. And thank you Bob, on behalf of all those who enjoy the relaxing and medically beneficial attributes of Cannabis, for organizing and hosting the event on Saturday, April 20, 2013, in Terrace.

For those who wish to learn more about the products currently available, products which are environmentally and socially better than those made from Crude oil (which most are), check out Deviant Fibres in the Lazelle Mini Mall near Cafenara and the local politicians offices.

And speaking of local politicians, Robin Austin came out and spoke in favour of the message Bob Erb was delivering along with two local Municipal councillors, Stacey Tyers and James Cordeiro. All others were noticeably absent. It is curious to consider how so many business owners and politicians considered right wing speak harshly about the intoxication problems in the community (along with the difficulties the local RCMP have in maintaining the issues) that they do not take the time to support an effort to show a better way.

Click here to watch a video compilation of the gathering.

Click here to read more including a composition by Bob Erb himself.

First Erb4Herb Legalize It conference

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November 2012 Bob Erb commits 1 million dollars to legalize marijuana efforts in Canada. 2012 Bob invites drug policy reform representatives from across Canada to attend the first Erb4Herb Legalize It conference in his home town of beautiful Terrace B.C. at the Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena Landing February 2 – 4. A dozen drug policy reform representatives attended with local friends of Bob’s for 2 days of informal meeting to organize and sponsor national drug policy reform campaigns and 420 celebration events for 2013.

Generous donations from Bob were received for drug policy reform actions by current organizations in Canada that were invited to attend the Erb for Herb legalize it conference. These included Sensible BC, Stop The Violence BC, NORML Canada, NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada, Marijuana Party, Alberta / Calgary 420 and others.

In addition generous donations were given by Bob for 4/20 celebration events across Canada. The total Erb 4 Herb sponsorship for the April 20, 2013 4/20 celebration events across Canada came to $125,000.00. Included was Erb 4 Herb merchandise all with legalize it messages. 420 promotional posters were also created and supplied to over 30 cities in Canada.

Saturday, Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena LandingSaturday

Sunday, Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena Landing


Bob Erb and John Conroy (QC) NORML Canada Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena Landing

Bob Erb and John Conroy (QC) NORML Canada