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December 2015

Canadian cannabis community top ten 2015 events

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April 20 annual 420 celebrations –

May 2 annual Global Marijuana March

June 11 Supreme Court of Canada decision R v. Smith

July 1 annual Canada day celebrations (cannabis day)

Sept. 15 Alberta girl denied marijuana for epilepsy gets help in St. Catharines –

Sept. 26 annual NORML Canada National Conference & post

October 16 The Karma Cup –

Oct 19 Liberal Party of Canada wins majority government winning 184 seats in Canadian Parliament.

Dec. 4 throne speech included legalize cannabis a priority to move forward.

Several medical cannabis dispensaries raided by law enforcement across Canada, Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, N.S., Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Alberta’s premier cautious on legalizing marijuana

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December 20, 2015
James Wood – Calgary Herald
Premier Rachel Notley says she has mixed feelings about the Trudeau government’s pledge to legalize marijuana even as a federal Liberal cabinet minister says action is coming soon on the campaign promise.

Rachel Notley is a intelligent woman but her politician part is still fearful of publicly supporting drug policy reforms. That being said I was not surprised politician Kent Hehr being a intelligent man is comfortable with following what the history, evidence and science have very clearly shown. All history of failed criminalize and punishment drug prohibition policies (1923 for cannabis) and then increasing to a drug war with zero tolerance and mandatory minimum prison sentences drug policies has clearly shown it has only created vastly more harms to our communities and our families then all illegal drugs.

Legalizing cannabis will not only greatly reduce harm to all our families and communities but will allow for a much safer way to actually control with regulations. Continuing to allow the controlled by the most violent criminal prohibition type policies will continue to fail miserably as history has shown us. Legalize and regulate policies will not only free up expensive police resources it will make our communities safer. Add the savings in justice system costs. The savings could be used for a huge boost of funds for education, health care and other social services. Some of the costs saved could even reduce the heavy burden of taxes we all are force to pay. Which has been used to help fund the Stephen Harper type reefer madness insanity. Educate with scientific evidence only is the really responsible thing to do.

August 12, 2015 International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. Scientists speak out against false cannabis claims and Using Evidence to Talk About Cannabis.
Leading international scientific body reviews thirteen oft-repeated claims on cannabis use and regulation, finds that none are strongly supported by scientific evidence

October 2014 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) released yet a another evidence based study called Cannabis Framework Policy. The CAMH study like so many other past evidence based drug policy studies conclusions lead to prohibition of cannabis is a seriously flawed drug control policy.

September 2002 Senate Report on Cannabis: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy. Page 617. A Regulatory Approach to Cannabis
“We believe, however, that the continued prohibition of cannabis jeopardizes the health and well-being of Canadians much more than the regulated marketing of the substance. In addition, we believe that the continued criminalization of cannabis undermines the fundamental values set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and borne out by the history of a country based on diversity and tolerance.

Cannabis in liquor store or free for all

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The Canadian cannabis community has always had distinctly different, some say very divided, types of cannabis consumers generally labelled as recreational, medical, activist and advocate.

The civil disobedience smoke out we’re here we’re high get use to it public disruptive demonstrations where the goal is to get arrested, charged, jailed and have their day in court. Some claim the cannabis “activist” label is only deserved by those that have been arrested and imprisoned for their civil disobedience actions. Some people not involved in public civil disobedience have become activists because they have already been arrested for drug possession. Civil disobedience scarifies have worked in some cases as intended and brought about many positive changes and policy reforms over many decades. The ever popular reefer madness stereotypes has made it just to easy to ignore the smoke out civil disobedience activists or brush them off as only want to created trouble get stoned dirty old hippies encouraging the youth to consume cannabis.
Now on the other side add what some call the polite “advocate” or “drug policy reformer”. Whatever your preferred label is polite “activist” or “advocate” there is a distinctly different avenue of actions to achieve drug policy reforms. The goal being to gain the respect of the people with control of our daily lives, politicians, police and the media. The goal being to make it more difficult for the people with control of our daily lives to continue to ignore evidence and science . Educate them to at least look at the actual drug policy evidence and science then start reforming the current known failed criminal prohibition drug polices.
The point being cannabis communities contain everything from one extreme to the other and everything in between. The opinions on selling of cannabis products in a liquor store is no different. The distinct differences range from regulated sales in liquor stores to no regulations free for all. The pro regulation liquor store sales say it will speed up the the transition to repealing criminal prohibition allowing adult cannabis access. Reduce costs because the liquor store infrastructure is already in place and operating with a proven history. Additionally it will likely make it more difficult for the reefer madness politicians like Rona Ambrose to advocate for even more restrictive laws then the current provincial liquor laws. Then still continue the education cannabis is saver then alcohol and has medical benefits that requires much more medical benefits research and less restrictions then alcohol.
Free for all. Sadly it comes down to some humans can be corrupted and just can’t be trusted in control of production and distribution of any product or service. There always is people that will ignore all safety concerns and do whatever it takes for profit and power over others. Regulated recreation control in Colorado and heavily regulated Canadian licenced medical cannabis producers have had to recall products several times to date. Some companies in the car manufacturing industry had to admit they done whatever it takes for profit. What have people been consuming with the product coming from who knows where. The biggest price being paid is people are dying everyday due to the corrupt actions of others.

Rabid prohibitionist Pamela McColl breaks the law with her SAM effort

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Prohibit cannabisRabid prohibitionist Pamela McColl breaks the law with her efforts to force police to punish people involved in cannabis community activities. When her relentless complaints to Vancouver Police Department about non profit medical cannabis organizations selling medical cannabis products in Vancouver BC were ignored she branch out to the RCMP and even other provinces. Medical cannabis organizations in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Halifax, Nanaimo, Vernon and likely others have been raided by the RCMP to close down these organizations.

Dec. 3 quote and letter from attorney Kirk Tousaw to rabid prohibitionist Pamela McColl from Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada

Kirk Tousaw criminal defence lawyer, B.A., LL.B., wrote

“My letter of today’s date to Ms. Pamela McColl regarding Duncan Dabfest.”