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December 2014

No to cannabis! Yes to alcohol!

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Alcohol vs Cannabis

No Health Canada spokesperson was made available for official comments.

Health Canada has continually changed the old MMAR and now the MMPR standards and requirements that appears to be a strong effort to block access to medical cannabis therapies including research. Actions to make it very difficult for not only the vulnerable sick and dying Canadians to comply but also for the new licensed medical cannabis producer applicants. Health Canada has claimed there is no limit on the number of producers in Canada but to date less then 20 have been allowed to start limited production in 2014. Health Canada has delayed approving any more of the hundreds of others that have submitted licensed producer applications with the same tactics they have been using against vulnerable Canadians for over 15 years.

Over 35,000 vulnerable sick and dying Canadians have complained the over decade old process has always been seriously lacking proper information not only for themselves but for health care professionals, authorities and other levels of governments as well. Many court cases have been launched since 1997 and many of those won to force the Canadian government to allow medical cannabis use.
In 2006 the Harper lead conservative government ended all funding for medical cannabis research. Starting Canada on a path towards privately owned for profit prisons in Canada. Introducing failed mandatory minimums prison sentences for growing as little as six cannabis plants to fill prisons with otherwise law abiding Canadians. The 30 year old USA failed mandatory minimums prison sentencing and the vast amount of science was completely ignored by Harper including the fact the USA is ending the decades old failed mandatory minimums prison sentencing.
So it comes as no surprise that Health Canada is not allowing any type of advertising or strain information. The few companies currently allowed to produce some medical grade dried cannabis flowers can’t even tell customers which strain provides benefits for which illness. The facts are illegal medical cannabis clubs in Canada and other countries have compiled vast amounts of medical strain science even under the threat of prohibition and mandatory minimums prison sentencing. Sadly the Stephen Harper conservative government is not only continuing to allow alcohol advertising Harper himself has publicly promoting alcohol and even prefers his children consume alcohol. Fact is in 2014 a young person was taken to the hospital due to excessive abuse of alcohol from the Harper residence. Keep in mind not only is cannabis a safer recreational drug then alcohol cannabis does not kill people. Fact is alcohol kills people every day of every year!