Cannabis in liquor store or free for all

By December 17, 2015Uncategorized

The Canadian cannabis community has always had distinctly different, some say very divided, types of cannabis consumers generally labelled as recreational, medical, activist and advocate.

The civil disobedience smoke out we’re here we’re high get use to it public disruptive demonstrations where the goal is to get arrested, charged, jailed and have their day in court. Some claim the cannabis “activist” label is only deserved by those that have been arrested and imprisoned for their civil disobedience actions. Some people not involved in public civil disobedience have become activists because they have already been arrested for drug possession. Civil disobedience scarifies have worked in some cases as intended and brought about many positive changes and policy reforms over many decades. The ever popular reefer madness stereotypes has made it just to easy to ignore the smoke out civil disobedience activists or brush them off as only want to created trouble get stoned dirty old hippies encouraging the youth to consume cannabis.
Now on the other side add what some call the polite “advocate” or “drug policy reformer”. Whatever your preferred label is polite “activist” or “advocate” there is a distinctly different avenue of actions to achieve drug policy reforms. The goal being to gain the respect of the people with control of our daily lives, politicians, police and the media. The goal being to make it more difficult for the people with control of our daily lives to continue to ignore evidence and science . Educate them to at least look at the actual drug policy evidence and science then start reforming the current known failed criminal prohibition drug polices.
The point being cannabis communities contain everything from one extreme to the other and everything in between. The opinions on selling of cannabis products in a liquor store is no different. The distinct differences range from regulated sales in liquor stores to no regulations free for all. The pro regulation liquor store sales say it will speed up the the transition to repealing criminal prohibition allowing adult cannabis access. Reduce costs because the liquor store infrastructure is already in place and operating with a proven history. Additionally it will likely make it more difficult for the reefer madness politicians like Rona Ambrose to advocate for even more restrictive laws then the current provincial liquor laws. Then still continue the education cannabis is saver then alcohol and has medical benefits that requires much more medical benefits research and less restrictions then alcohol.
Free for all. Sadly it comes down to some humans can be corrupted and just can’t be trusted in control of production and distribution of any product or service. There always is people that will ignore all safety concerns and do whatever it takes for profit and power over others. Regulated recreation control in Colorado and heavily regulated Canadian licenced medical cannabis producers have had to recall products several times to date. Some companies in the car manufacturing industry had to admit they done whatever it takes for profit. What have people been consuming with the product coming from who knows where. The biggest price being paid is people are dying everyday due to the corrupt actions of others.