Medical Federal Dispensary – Patient Questionnaire

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John W. Conroy QC:

Medical cannabis width=

“I am attaching a “Patient Questionnaire” that I would ask all of you to send to all patients that you are aware of or are in contact with so that we can determine if there is a good satisfactory evidentiary basis for commencing an action in the Federal Court of Canada Trial Division seeking a declaration that “medical dispensary/compassion clubs” are an essential part of providing “reasonable access” for “medically approved patients” and the failure to provide for them in Part 14 of the Cannabis Act regulations is resulting in the violation of the ‘security of the person’ of these patients in an arbitrary manner contrary to s. 7 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that the regulations are unconstitutional to that extent and seeking an Order that they be amended accordingly.”

“Please copy [email protected] on any emails you send to the patient’s or others that are not already on this list that you think may have contact with patients so that we can keep our contact list up-to-date and anticipate which patients we may also hear from sending completed questionnaires to that email address instead of lawyer or law firm addresses”.

Download Medical Federal Dispensary – Patient Questionnaire (doc here) or (pdf here)

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Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (Aug. 11)

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As of August 24, 2016, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) will replace the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

Legalize Yes

Understanding the New Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Health Canada’s role

3. What it means for health care practitioners

4. What it means for licensed producers

5. What it means for individuals who require access to cannabis for medical purposes

6. What it means for law enforcement

7. What remains illegal

Fact Sheet: Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

Information bulletin: safety and security considerations when producing cannabis for your own medical purposes

NOTE: A start but still to restrictive. Limited to producing for only 2 people. 150 gram limit. No dispensaries. On the plus side they finally changed marihuana / marijuana to “cannabis”. Keith Fagin@KF420

Tousaw Law Corporation – August 11, 2016
Opinion on Health Canada’s ACMPR Announcement

NORML Canada – Open Letter to the Senate Liberal Open Caucus

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Open Letter to the Senate Liberal Open Caucus

February 19, 2016

Dear Senators:

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada (hereafter NORML Canada) is this country’s oldest NGO advocating for drug policy reform – reform that brings drug policy into compliance with scientific evidence and best practices. NORML Canada worked hard to elect the Trudeau Liberals on the basis of the government’s […]


Canadian cannabis community top ten 2015 events

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April 20 annual 420 celebrations –

May 2 annual Global Marijuana March

June 11 Supreme Court of Canada decision R v. Smith

July 1 annual Canada day celebrations (cannabis day)

Sept. 15 Alberta girl denied marijuana for epilepsy gets help in St. Catharines –

Sept. 26 annual NORML Canada National Conference & post

October 16 The Karma Cup –

Oct 19 Liberal Party of Canada wins majority government winning 184 seats in Canadian Parliament.

Dec. 4 throne speech included legalize cannabis a priority to move forward.

Several medical cannabis dispensaries raided by law enforcement across Canada, Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, N.S., Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Cannabis in liquor store or free for all

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The Canadian cannabis community has always had distinctly different, some say very divided, types of cannabis consumers generally labelled as recreational, medical, activist and advocate.

The civil disobedience smoke out we’re here we’re high get use to it public disruptive demonstrations where the goal is to get arrested, charged, jailed and have their day in court. Some claim the cannabis “activist” label is only deserved by those that have been arrested and imprisoned for their civil disobedience actions. Some people not involved in public civil disobedience have become activists because they have already been arrested for drug possession. Civil disobedience scarifies have worked in some cases as intended and brought about many positive changes and policy reforms over many decades. The ever popular reefer madness stereotypes has made it just to easy to ignore the smoke out civil disobedience activists or brush them off as only want to created trouble get stoned dirty old hippies encouraging the youth to consume cannabis.
Now on the other side add what some call the polite “advocate” or “drug policy reformer”. Whatever your preferred label is polite “activist” or “advocate” there is a distinctly different avenue of actions to achieve drug policy reforms. The goal being to gain the respect of the people with control of our daily lives, politicians, police and the media. The goal being to make it more difficult for the people with control of our daily lives to continue to ignore evidence and science . Educate them to at least look at the actual drug policy evidence and science then start reforming the current known failed criminal prohibition drug polices.
The point being cannabis communities contain everything from one extreme to the other and everything in between. The opinions on selling of cannabis products in a liquor store is no different. The distinct differences range from regulated sales in liquor stores to no regulations free for all. The pro regulation liquor store sales say it will speed up the the transition to repealing criminal prohibition allowing adult cannabis access. Reduce costs because the liquor store infrastructure is already in place and operating with a proven history. Additionally it will likely make it more difficult for the reefer madness politicians like Rona Ambrose to advocate for even more restrictive laws then the current provincial liquor laws. Then still continue the education cannabis is saver then alcohol and has medical benefits that requires much more medical benefits research and less restrictions then alcohol.
Free for all. Sadly it comes down to some humans can be corrupted and just can’t be trusted in control of production and distribution of any product or service. There always is people that will ignore all safety concerns and do whatever it takes for profit and power over others. Regulated recreation control in Colorado and heavily regulated Canadian licenced medical cannabis producers have had to recall products several times to date. Some companies in the car manufacturing industry had to admit they done whatever it takes for profit. What have people been consuming with the product coming from who knows where. The biggest price being paid is people are dying everyday due to the corrupt actions of others.

Liberal Party wins majority!

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Liberal Party of Canada Justin Trudeau
will be the 23 PM in Canada leading with a majority government!

Finally legalization!
So much destruction for so long can now come to an end!

The oldest Canadian cannabis drug policy reform organization (1978) NORML Canada with people volunteering like President John Conroy QC, Vice President Alan Young LLB (Osgoode) & LLM, Executive Director Craig Jones PhD, along with other dedicated volunteers will continue to encourage the Liberals to ensure reasonable access for all adults and for children with health care recommendation for medical access.

Similar to the current beer and wine regulations. Adults are now allowed to produce beer or wine at home and share freely with adult family, friends and neighbours. Any adult can currently open a beer or wine producing business and many do compete successfully even with big corporations as competition.

NORML Canada President John Conroy QC October 20, 2015 statement.

I write to advise that yesterday the citizens of Canada elected the Liberal Party of Canada and gave them a whopping majority government of over 180 seats in Parliament. As part of their election campaign they promised to “legalize” cannabis and to do it right away.

The NDP is the third-party and it obtained 40 seats. “Decriminalization” was part of its campaign and right away.

The Conservatives were defeated, but will form the opposition with about 100 seats.

In other words, we have about 230 votes or more(out of a total of about 338) in favor of legalization or decriminalization in the current Parliament so this time, it should happen.

Stay tuned!!

John W. Conroy QC
Conroy & Company Barrister & Solicitor

Justin Trudeau said. “And our worries are that the current hypercontrolled approach around medical marijuana that actually removes from individuals the capacity to grow their own is not going in the right direction. It neither respects freedom or the kind of care that people need.”

Liberal Party of Canada legalize marijuana petition
Keep marijuana out of our kids’ hands
FACT: Kids have easy access to pot. It’s time to regulate and legalize marijuana.

Sign the petition here if you agree.


Study points to the biggest risks of pot

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Broadcast on 660 News Radio on February 8, 2015
Justin Slimm, Lisa Grant, and Pete Curtis – 660 News

It’s the most widely-used illicit drug in Canada – but do you know the major health risks associated with using marijuana?


US department of transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study released February 6, 2015 found no evidence that consuming cannabis leads to a higher risk of getting into a traffic crash.

Considering Marijuana Legalization

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January 2015
RAND Corporation Research Report

Insights for Vermont and Other Jurisdictions

Research Questions
1. What are the decisions confronting jurisdictions that are considering alternatives to traditional marijuana prohibition?
2. How much marijuana is consumed in Vermont?
3. How much does Vermont spend enforcing marijuana prohibition?
4. What does the current scientific literature find about the consequences associated with marijuana consumption?
5. How much money could the State of Vermont earn from legalizing marijuana?
6. How much does it cost to regulate legal marijuana?

About the RAND Corporation
The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.

Document Details
Copyright: RAND Corporation
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Pages: 218
Document Number: RR-864
Year: 2015
Series: Research Reports

Options and Issues Regarding Marijuana Legalization in Vermont