Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (Aug. 24)

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Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

Legalize Yes

August 24, 2016

Part 2 — Production for Own Medical Purposes and Production by a Designated Person

Part 2 of the ACMPR sets out a registration framework that allows for personal-use and designated production of cannabis (including cultivation of plants and alteration of products) for medical purposes.

Note: The majority of Part 2 incorporates the requirements of the former MMAR and relevant section 56 CDSA exemptions that respond to the decision in R. v. Smith with required modifications to incorporate the production, storage and possession of products other than dried marihuana or plants. New provisions that did not form part of the previous framework include the following:
•Proof of possession and registration can be demonstrated through a registration certificate issued by Health Canada.

• Starting materials (i.e. seeds and plants) can be obtained through licensed producers.

• Interim supply of cannabis (until plants are ready) can be obtained through licensed producers.

• Security measures do not need to be listed on the registration application, but those registering to possess and produce cannabis must declare that security measures are in place to keep plants and products secure.

• Information sharing provisions have been expanded to enable proactive sharing of information on registered persons with P/T health care licensing authorities.

Grams Per Day = Plant Count

Producing cannabis safety and security
Information bulletin: safety and security considerations when producing cannabis for your own medical purposes

Applications for Production for Own Medical Purposes and Production by a Designated Person

Guidance Document – Completing the Production for Own Medical Purposes and Production by a Designated Person Registration Form

August 11, 2016 Understanding ACMPR
Understanding the New Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

Complete ACMPR Regulations


Erb4Herb Legalize It campaign successfully reaches goals!

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Erb4Herb reaches goals and is retired December 31, 2015!

Erb4Herb Legalize It! campaign sponsored many national 420 events in 2013, 2014 and 2015. And also supported a get the vote out and vote Liberal campaign to help get rid of ex PM Stephan Harper. Harper is out of course and legalization is now coming as well. Both goals were reached successfully, The national Erb4Herb Legalize It! campaign came to an end last year after the Oct. 19, 2015 Liberal election win.

Bob successfully accomplished what he originally set out to do and even more.  He said he was going to donated one million dollars for legalization efforts and he donated more the one million dollars. Truth is he did what he said he was going to do and so much more for so many.

It is unfortunate a few people, out of thousands, feel they deserve more from Bob then he has already given to all so many. Which has lead to one or more person(s) insisting on making up complete nonsense to suit their needs at the time. Taking pleasure in wasting other peoples valuable time and energies on complete made up nonsense?

We hope this explains Erb4Herb actual past efforts and actual current position.


Written by Keith Fagin April 28, 2016

All in an effort to help others understand maybe see the following recent news report on CTV News.

Government should declare a moratorium on marijuana arrests and prosecutions today:

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NORML Canada Logo

NORML Canada

(Ottawa, Ontario – February 23, 2016) — The federal government should instruct police forces and Crown Prosecutors across Canada immediately to halt all criminal investigations, charges and prosecutions related to simple possession of marijuana while it proceeds with its initiative to legalize the plant, according to Canada’s oldest advocate for the reform of cannabis laws.

“Since everyone agrees that is well past time to end the criminalization of cannabis,” Dr. Craig Jones, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada (NORML Canada) said, “and the only point of discussion left is how to do it, it seems cruel to continue criminalizing more Canadians.”

“It is like refusing to fix a leaking faucet because you intend to renovate the bathroom … one day soon. It just doesn’t make sense.”

According to Dr. Jones, the government has identified several “stumbling blocks” to immediate legalization — which formed a major plank in its policy platform in its 2015 election campaign and an important promise in its Speech from the Throne — and claims it must resolve these issues before it can proceed with legalization.

These so-called stumbling blocks were identified in the Liberal Party’s January 2013 discussion paper, “Legalization of Marijuana – Answering Questions and Developing a Framework” (, which also provided practical ways to overcome obstacles such as those related to international conventions to which Canada is signatory.

“I urge all Canadians with an interest in stopping the further criminalization of Canadians for using cannabis – and particularly those in the Senate who will be meeting tomorrow to discuss this topic — to read the Liberal Party’s policy paper on legalizing marijuana,” Dr. Jones said. “It answers most, if not all, the questions that have been raised about how best to proceed. Once it stops needlessly criminalizing Canadians, the Government can then take the time it needs to work out the details and enact legislation.”

“Why not take the millions of dollars it takes to investigate, prosecute and incarcerate people for a crime no one thinks should exist and invest that money on government programs and services that actually help people?”

This is at least the third time that a political party/government has promised to stop criminalizing Canadians for cannabis use (1979 Progressive Conservative Party election platform; the Liberal Government Throne Speech; the 2015 Liberal Party election platform / 2015 Liberal Government Throne Speech), according to Dr. Jones.

“What Canadians need is for the government to declare an immediate moratorium and get on with it,” Dr. Jones said. “What we don’t need is more study leading to a concept for a proposal for a framework for a green paper leading to a white paper leading to …”

Dr. Jones will be attending the Senate Open Caucus on Marijuana Legalization on Wednesday 24 February and will be available for interviews following the meeting.

– 30 –

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Dr. Craig Jones, PhD
Executive Director
NORML Canada
(613) 331-1712

Terrace B.C.’s 4-20 event parties on in the rain

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Terrace Standard April 20, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Carry Palagian and Claude Dumont keep warm with their ‘Party with your bud’ blanket at the 4/20 event today at the spare parking lot behind the arena. The event goes until 5 p.m. — image credit: MARGARET SPEIRS

Terrace’s own marijuana advocate and multimillionaire Bob Erb began with about 40 people at his two-hour Erb 4 Herb 4-20 event this afternoon.

See picture and complete story at


Rip off scams claim to be Bob Erb / Erb4Herb!

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Have you ever receive a email or fax message claiming to be from Bob Erb or Erb4Herb or a official representative offering to give or donate any amount of money?

The email or fax message is 100% complete nonsense! Worse is it could be a scam to get your private information or even take money from you.
Bob Erb and Erb4Herb or a official representative never has nor never will email or fax any offer of money for any reason period!

Second Erb4Herb Legalize It Conference

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Second Bob Erb 4 Herb Legalize It! conference for 2013 in Terrace BC, Aug. 30 to Sept. 2, 2013

Once again in 2013 drug policy reform activists / advocates gathered together as Bob Erb’s guests to discuss plans for continuing drug policy reform efforts and Erb4Herb national 420 events in Canada.

This was the second time NORML Canada, NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada, Calgary 420 and Sensible BC along with first time attendees Canadian Drug Policy Coalition-Transforming Drug Policy and Skunk Magazine attended the second Erb4Herb legalize conference in beautiful Terrace and Thornhill B.C. Both Erb4Herb legalize conferences were also attended by long time friends of Bob Erb.

Bob Erb once again wrote generous cheques to the organizations attending as his guests to be used for drug policy reform efforts in Canada.

Bob Erb, Dana Larsen, Rielle Capler, John Vergados, Kelly Coulter, Brian Taylor, Sita von Windheim, Urban Grower, John Conroy, Debbie Fagin, Keith Fagin, Debbie Stultz-Giffin, Zachary Canuel and more.

Second Erb4Herb Legalize conference group picture

420 Terrace BC celebrations

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It was a spectacular day in many ways. The weather was perfect as were the people. A full 300 gathered together to demonstrate their collective disapproval of the prohibition laws against hemp; a medically and socially beneficial product.

Bob Erb, the local Terrace man who won $25 million dollars determined to make this happen. Erb ran as a candidate for mayor of Terrace many years ago and has been a long time advocate for the legalization of marihuana. He has always been a vocal and written supporter of the freedom and collective rights of the common man. Immediately after he collected his winnings he began a campaign to put legalization of the green weed on the public and political agenda.

April 20, more broadly known in the cannabis community as 4-20, is a world wide day for the public to gather and show their disapproval of the idiotic law against the possession, growing and smoking of the Herb. Bob Erb, more broadly known as Erb 4 Herb decided to make 2013 the first year for this celebration to happen in Terrace.

Many speak out against the use of the plant but Bob Erb is a model citizen and a smoker of the substance for his entire adult life, from dawn to dusk. His thinking is clear and without any signs of impairment. In fact he is able to function at a higher level consistently than most people who are stone cold sober. Articulate, organized and focused are words which describe Bob Erb. Socially progressive is another one of his fine attributes.

Bob Erb has donated to hundreds of causes in Terrace and the region. More to his socially progressive thinking, when he sees someone who is not smiling he tries to determine why. He always begins with a compliment. In one encounter we watched him state, “You are such a beautiful woman why are you hiding your smile?” When he discovered her teeth were an issue he immediately went to the Dentist and started an account to have her teeth fixed.

Dr. Neninger has confirmed how Bob Erb has filed many community members into his office.

Thank you Bob Erb for everything you have done for the people of Terrace and the surrounding area. And thank you Bob, on behalf of all those who enjoy the relaxing and medically beneficial attributes of Cannabis, for organizing and hosting the event on Saturday, April 20, 2013, in Terrace.

For those who wish to learn more about the products currently available, products which are environmentally and socially better than those made from Crude oil (which most are), check out Deviant Fibres in the Lazelle Mini Mall near Cafenara and the local politicians offices.

And speaking of local politicians, Robin Austin came out and spoke in favour of the message Bob Erb was delivering along with two local Municipal councillors, Stacey Tyers and James Cordeiro. All others were noticeably absent. It is curious to consider how so many business owners and politicians considered right wing speak harshly about the intoxication problems in the community (along with the difficulties the local RCMP have in maintaining the issues) that they do not take the time to support an effort to show a better way.

Click here to watch a video compilation of the gathering.

Click here to read more including a composition by Bob Erb himself.

First Erb4Herb Legalize It conference

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November 2012 Bob Erb commits 1 million dollars to legalize marijuana efforts in Canada. 2012 Bob invites drug policy reform representatives from across Canada to attend the first Erb4Herb Legalize It conference in his home town of beautiful Terrace B.C. at the Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena Landing February 2 – 4. A dozen drug policy reform representatives attended with local friends of Bob’s for 2 days of informal meeting to organize and sponsor national drug policy reform campaigns and 420 celebration events for 2013.

Generous donations from Bob were received for drug policy reform actions by current organizations in Canada that were invited to attend the Erb for Herb legalize it conference. These included Sensible BC, Stop The Violence BC, NORML Canada, NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada, Marijuana Party, Alberta / Calgary 420 and others.

In addition generous donations were given by Bob for 4/20 celebration events across Canada. The total Erb 4 Herb sponsorship for the April 20, 2013 4/20 celebration events across Canada came to $125,000.00. Included was Erb 4 Herb merchandise all with legalize it messages. 420 promotional posters were also created and supplied to over 30 cities in Canada.

Saturday, Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena LandingSaturday

Sunday, Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena Landing


Bob Erb and John Conroy (QC) NORML Canada Blackstone’s Restaurant at The Lodge at Skeena Landing

Bob Erb and John Conroy (QC) NORML Canada